Goodbye my Lovely (garden)

I’m going to be super busy this week with a huge project at work–and then I have to move.

We finally did get an offer on our house, but it’s contingent on our being out of the house by July 30th. So, I am a bit frantic trying to manage both packing and work.

It is also hard to leave a garden that I’ve been tweaking for over 6 years, and that is really at it’s peak this time of year.

I’ve got a mixture of native prairie plants and some prettier exotics to keep something in bloom as early as possible. It’s also frustrating that all the tomatoes and other veggies I planted this year haven’t really started to set fruit because of the cold summer we’re having.  (I do have a lot of peas, though!)

I will miss my house, but I also am relieved to not be driving across the state every morning and night. I will definitely miss all the money I threw into it and that is gone forever too, but mostly….

Goodbye my lovely house and garden.


Everyone keep your fingers/tentacles/ whatever crossed and hope there’s no more unexpected problems before closing!