Month: August 2009

Where should I look for a job?

One of the most common questions I get from students around this time of year is “Where should I look for a job?” The question they actually are asking is “where ONLINE should I look […]

Raptor Lesson Plans!

Ooooh…just stumbled over this and thought I would share. The University of Minnesota Raptor Center has a section of lesson plans related to raptors! I especially liked the ones involving math and graphing of data. […]

New issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach!

The latest issue of EEO is out! This issue has several essays by teachers in public schools.  I was especially struck by this one: I am a special education teacher in a middle school, though, […]

Things I’ve Learned

Some random thoughts: 1. I am currently hiring for a 6 month position, no benefits, no promise of any continued employment. We got >45 applications, and about half are from laid-off teachers in Michigan. 2. […]


Well, job continues to kick my butt, so it looks like I’ll be offline for another couple of weeks. Here’s another pretty photo to brighten up the place.  This is a wonderful bee-mimic robberfly  (Asilidae) […]

Weekend Pretty Picture

Still behind at work, so how about you marvel at this great shot of a dragonfly by daveograve: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.“ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Insects + Beer = SCIENCE

There is a really fun opportunity for some participatory science this August: “I could use your help to run a North American pilot test of an inexpensive trap for yellowjackets and hornets.  If  successful it […]

The Feather Trade

We are in the process of upgrading some materials around where I work, and as a consequence we’ve been looking for materials about birds, conservation, and the historic use of birds and bird parts in […]

More free Journals!

In case you missed it–NCSE is now offering all back issues (1980-1996) of the Creation/Evolution Journal online, free, as PDFs! Also, many of the articles are online in HTML format too.  Example: Gene Kritsky’s article […]