I have officially sold my house, and have moved into an apartment about 1 mile from where I’m working. So, no more cross-state commuting! Yay!

Of course, I can’t find anything, I’m grieving for my garden, and I’m weeks behind in my work, so I’m still not quite ready to fire the blog back up just yet. Like the last time I took a bloggy vacation, I’m finding that the absence of the blog is …..well…surprisingly stress-free, actually.

So, here’s some posts from the Bug Net that will hopefully amuse until next week:

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  1. Reading the link on the vodka repellant, I met a couple in upsate maine who swore they could keep the bugs at bay by putting listerine in a spray bottle and spritzing the yard – i have not put to the test.

    Hope your world settles soon


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