Some random thoughts:

1. I am currently hiring for a 6 month position, no benefits, no promise of any continued employment.
We got >45 applications, and about half are from laid-off teachers in Michigan.

2. I’m still working >60hrs/week with no end in sight. I love this job, but it’s killing me.  Looking at a Federal Job in Maryland with APHIS. I think I’m probably crazy, but the prospect of a 40 hour week sounds pretty golden right now, even if I have to live in the city.

3. The apartment I’m living in right now actually has enough spiders to almost, kinda, sorta, creep me out. That should tell you something.

But…it could be worse.  At least there are no wasps!

Hopefully things will slow down in September, and I can return then.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. And no Scottish midges. I was driven out of our vegetable patch by the blighters.

  2. Hey Bug Girl,

    Re your point #2, I’ve been trying the same – only work the 37.25 h/wk required – and try to take the rest of my life in a relaxed kind of way in the garden. It isn’t working. Even when I can limit my time at work to the mimimum, I somehow find myself plugging away on the project on the computer at home – and the summer is almost over! Only relief I’m finding is killing wasps – 9 species of Vespula and Dolichovespula in my garden. I still like the spiders though. Wasps bad, spiders good.

    Good luck,

    Home Bug

    PS – I worked for the USDA once. No way they’d let you blog. They wouldn’t even let me wear shorts in Florida in the summer.

  3. Couldn’t figure out why you wanted to work with aphids in Maryland. I think I need more sleep.

  4. I’m guessing that if you’re creeped out, there must be too many spiders. But at least you don’t have greenheads.

  5. Uhhh….and where do I send my resume?

  6. Are they David Bowie spiders?

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