Apparently it’s Insect Car Week at the Bug Blog!

I think everyone knows the Volkswagen Beetle–the iconic Coleopteran car. But how many of you have heard of the 1935 Stout Scarab?

“The Stout Scarab was a 1930s U.S automobile produced in small numbers by Stout Engineering Laboratories of Detroit, Michigan. Among a host of novelties and innovations, the Stout Scarab is credited by many as the world’s first production minivan.”

I had a chance to see one of these lately, and it is both astonishing and ADORABLE.

Only 9 of these were ever built–the idea was that it would function as a hotel on wheels. The back seat is about 6 feet wide, and folds down into a bed.

You can see this cute mega-beetle in action here:

Check out the scarab as hood ornament. stout What a great little tidbit of Michigan History!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. What a really cool car! I wonder if Jay Leno has one? But maybe minivans aren’t cool enough! :-)

  2. That looks like a pretty cool car.

  3. i loves those old fashion cars that looks like bugs !

  4. Seems like it was ahead of it’s time!

  5. Oh, crap…I have the pics but haven’t sent them to you yet!

  6. I think I’d take a scarab over a hornet any day!

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