You might remember that last month I threw down the gauntlet to some of the bigger cousins in the interwebs for the DonorsChoose Challenge! is an online charity that provides an easy way for people to fund projects in schools by donating online.  The Challenge is a  month-long competition between blogs to see who can bring in the most donations to help low-income classrooms.

I chose schools in high poverty areas that have insect-themed or garden themed projects. A couple of them are in Michigan!

I invited some of my Nature Blog Network Friends to come along, and talked some smack about kicking some A-list blogger asses.

So, how are we doing?



Fashion Blogs and Gawker are beating us into a pulp. This is fairly embarrassing.

Please visit my Giving Page to make a donation. Or, choose another of the NBN blogs to make a donation to!  If we can gain additional donors by this weekend, HP will make an additional donation to the NBN blogs!

It doesn’t have to be a lot–the whole idea of DonorsChoose is that lots of people can pool little amounts of money to do big things.


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  1. I suspect your audience is not quite as flush with disposable income as the fashonistas are.

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