Month: November 2009

Vote! (on my identity)

I keep getting more and more interesting things coming my way as Bug Girl…but the problem is, I like being Bug Girl, and not (fill in real name here).  Keeps life simpler, and boss happy. […]

Word of the day: Egregious

egregious: Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion. Outrageously bad. Example: this headline from Science Daily: Fruit Fly Sperm Makes Females Do Housework After Sex Seriously. How freakin’ embedded in your culture do […]

Shiny Taxonomic Key is SHINY!

There is now an online key to the 86 species of Chrysididae in North America! It is, of course, quite useful, but the best parts are all the detailed photos of these lovely Hymenopterans. Thanks […]

This is my recipe, in which I am well pleased

Brined a turkey for the first time this year–turned out quite yummy! I was much more excited with my green beans, though. I accidentally bought some extra rosemary sprigs, and needed a way to use […]

Update on the Donors Choose Challenge!

The Donors Choose Challenge is now over, and the project to get more nature bloggers involved was a success!! The total amount given for the Nature Blogs Group was $5,170.  That put our group at […]

2010 Native Bee Calendar!

Just in time for the holidays–Xerces has a new native bee calendar! “The Xerces Society and the Great Sunflower Project are happy to offer the 2010 Native Bee Calendar, which was created by Celeste Ets-Hokin. […]

Shameless pandering

It’s time for OpenLab! Since I will almost certainly be on the job market soon, an inclusion in OL would be a handy thing for my vita. I’m just sayin’…… Here’s some posts I’m considering […]

Roast Beaver

I happened to find this very entertaining Extension Publication in a box: Good Eating from Woods and Fields.  It’s a 1960 reprint of an earlier pamphlet, and what a cultural artifact it is! I couldn’t […]

Book Review: At Large and Small

Ann Fadiman. At Large and Small: Familiar Essays. Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 2007. Bug Rating: I freely admit to being an Anne Fadiman fan-girl. Ex Libris is easily one of my favorite books. The Spirit […]