The Donors Choose Challenge is now over, and the project to get more nature bloggers involved was a success!!

The total amount given for the Nature Blogs Group was $5,170.  That put our group at #11–not quite in the top 10, but still pretty darn good!  That also is quite a bit more than I managed by myself last year ($270).  YAY! And THANK YOU!

Overall, the total amount given this year was $637,336. That’s amazing! I was very excited to see that one of the top groups was Making a difference for Michigan Children.  Teachers are being laid off left and right here, so making sure our remaining teachers are supported and have the tools they need is very important.

9 of the 12 projects I chose were fully funded–that’s a lot of new buggy and gardening stuff in the hands of kids. Still need an end of year tax deduction? You can still give!!


Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Considering we were 4 against a LOT of others, not too bad! Go us and go students! I am so happy so many of the projects got funded.

  2. Great job BG! It was great to be a part such a wonderful initiative. Hopefully we can get more nature bloggers to participate next year and make it even bigger. We are keeping our widget up year round and plan to periodically poke readers to donate.

  3. buggirl….do you know any good links for worms please? i googled earthworm research and there you were!

  4. I guess it depends on what you want to know! There’s an awful lot of worm info out there.

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