Party in Indianapolis

Yes. It will TOTALLY be like this

It’s time for the Entomological Society Annual Meeting–who wants to party with Bug Girl in Indy? I’ll be there from Dec. 13th to the 15th, and return on the 16th.

I promise, I will wear pants this time.

I’d love to have a NatureBlogger meet up, or chat to local skeptics. Leave me a comment if you’re interested!

8 thoughts on “Party in Indianapolis

  1. Bjørnar: Well, if you search Google Images for “leia slave girl pillow fight”, it pops right up from dozens of places. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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  3. Wow, ESA meetings have changed a bit since the last time I went as a grad student.

    I’ll be there presenting a poster and would love to meet up.

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