Yeah, so here is what I found on my doorstep Saturday morning.  We also received the liver and heart. In fact, they put the heart on top of Mr. Bug’s car.

Definitely a threat, and it is related to my RL job. I have a pretty good idea who my Redneck Don Corleone is, but will be busy dealing with this and other items this week.

I hope to be back with some posts from the Entomological Society National Meeting in Indy after the 12th!

There will be a special symposium on native bees and honeybees, which I am quite excited about.

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  1. Wow. Who would do such a thing? And why? It boggles.

  2. That’s horrible.

  3. It’s related to some unpleasantness at work.

    Also, I am now writing a movie script called “Michigan Godfather”.
    You don’t kiss his ring, you kiss his truck bumper.

  4. How bizarre.

  5. That’s some pretty serious sh*t, Bug Girl. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

  6. Wasp Freeze is not only for wasps.

  7. Ok that is TOOO reminiscent of the horse head in the Godfather….there in lies the connection huh? That is just plain creepy!
    At my house these things show up on my porch, but they are brought there by the local dogs, not some nutty human with vendetta issues.

  8. Dreadful. I hope the perps get what’s coming to them.
    Community service at an animal shelter, maybe.

  9. Seems pretty bad to me! Our 6 lb cat brings us squirrels all the time. Yesterday in an intact one. The day before I found squirrel guts under the dining room table.

  10. Euuw. And, um, which ugly part of an animal is that mess? I would be concerned, for sure.

  11. As a former prosecutor, I wonder what the perpetrators could be charged with. Other than littering, or possibly some obscure violation of the fish and game laws relating to disposal of deer parts, that is. Possibly one could make a circumstantial case that it was intended as a threat sufficient to meet the requirements of an offense involving threats of physical harm, like extortion, witness intimidation, or some similar crime.

  12. Jafo–some other things happened that are clearly crimes. I haven’t detailed those here.
    Improper disposal of deer parts is not a trivial issue–folks take hunting seriously in the midwest!

  13. I said obscure, not trivial, although I once had the discouraging experience of watching a very urban U.S. Magistrate take the view that the Duck Stamp Act was completely trivial in a poaching case.

    It’s better you don’t publicly discuss crimes you may be a witness to until after you’ve testified.

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  15. I keep finding dead birds on my doorstep but its my friends who leave them not people with grudges. And only birds who have died of natural causes or ones hit by cars. I turn them into artworks so I am quite appreciative of them. And I always respect and admire the precious little bodies that are given to me. P.S. Great blog Bug Girl

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