Hey Everyone! I invited David over to announce some exciting entomophagy news–a way to get all the past issues of the Food Insects Newsletter!   Here’s what David has to say:

“It’s a great day for those of us laboring in the salt mines of entomophagy: after many months of planning, a bound reprint of The Food Insects Newsletter is finally available to the public!

While some of it has been online for years, this volume includes a great deal of additional material, including editorial introductions and an afterward; nutritional tables; images; and four comprehensive indices catering to a wide range of interests.  And hey, just in time for the gifting season!  This volume represents a vital part of the available literature on the subject.  Do the world a favor: order yours today!

But Wait! There’s more!
This reprint is meant to be the prelude to a renewal of The Newsletter, meaning that new content will be forthcoming in 2010.

The editors – Dr. Florence Dunkel and I – are currently pondering various ways of making this happen.  While we have some articles and other material ready to be shared with the world, we are very interested in receiving almost anything that people would like to contribute.  This means from entomologists of course, but other folks too — including non-academics.  I’m talking about: technical papers, observations, essays, anecdotes, images, and other formats.

Similarly, we remain committed to exploring our subject from a wide range of perspectives: through the lens of entomology, anthropology, sociology, engineering, nutrition science, chemistry, marketing, history, ecology, etc.    Please email us if you are interested in contributing!

You can view instructions for getting your copy here: BookFlyer.pdf

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  1. Hurray!! I can’t wait to get my copy…

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