BibliOdyssey finds more lovely old insect art!

I had a hard time deciding which to focus here, so went with a peanut-head (also known as a lantern-fly).  They are related to neither peanuts or flies; they are in the family Fulgoridae.

Three volumes from ‘Insecten-Belustigung’ (Insect Amusements) by AJ Rösel von Rosenhof are available from the University of Heidelberg (click through and look for ‘Vorschau’ = thumbnails). The books were released in installments between 1746 and 1761.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Fulgorids were originally considered Locusta? Weird…


  2. I love peanut-heads…I haven’t seen one yet, but a co-worker of mine has and I’m quite envious.

  3. I saw one on a trip to the Amazon. Weird and wonderful.

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