Caught in the Bug Net: 1.31.10

Things are rather dramatic* in my life right now, so how about a little linkage?

You know how I love Taxonomy FAIL, and Roberto finds a doosy: Exxon Photoshoppage Fail

Spiders weave a giant tapestry!

The Bug Lady discusses poison spiders in Brazil

Lovely photo of a crab spider at Ugly Overload

Interesting details of more pro-DDT Asshattery, this time in Canada.  From an interesting new book that covers the DDT propaganda machine.  I’ll review it if someone sends me a copy….*cough*

Arg!  I will be out of town for the Insect Fear Film Festival!

Don’t forget to pledge to blog about a woman in technology or science whom you admire on Ada Lovelace Day, 24th March 2010


*In case you are interested, Mr. Bug and I are splitting up, and the person that left me the dead deer head has reappeared. And there is all sorts of strangeness over the Skepchicks.

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  1. Well, you can always come and visit Scotland if you need to get away for a while. Look after yourself and remember that you have a lot of supporters sending you good thoughts.

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