I was very entertained by this–hopefully it’s a series that will continue!  This video addresses some common fears about spiders, and addresses why they aren’t that scary!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Wow, great job, you Bug Chicks really have the knack for educational video.

    When your students reach the advanced level of spider fear freedom, they can come visit our house in Florida. The outside of our house is covered with banana spiders and webs, and inside we have small spiders building webs all over the house where the walls meet the ceiling. And no, we never get bit, and there are never any problems.

    One day a spider dropped down on a thread, right in front of my face, as I was working online. And then he/she zoomed back up, apparently finding me to be rather boring.

    Great vid, keep’em coming.

  2. They’re adorable, but unfortunately, my debilitating phobia cannot be cured by mere REASON.

    Maybe if they gave me some of that ice cream, though…

  3. To be clear, I am NOT one of the bug chicks. But I do like what they are doing :)

  4. Kristie and Jess are old friends from my days at A&M…I don’t know how you stumbled on this video but, fyi, they also have a podcast (Bug Bytes) and production company (www.solpugidproductions.com)…you should check them out!

  5. Very cool…but I still like ice cream better than spiders! ;)

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