tweedle?An amusing new campaign is out to promote both safe sex and endangered species conservation:

“The Center for Biological Diversity announced its participation in the second annual Global Population Speak Out, a month-long effort to publicize the crisis of unsustainable human population growth. The Center is speaking out as part of its overpopulation campaign, which addresses the devastating impacts of overpopulation on endangered species.

As part of its actions for GPSO, the Center for Biological Diversity will distribute 100,000 free Endangered Species Condoms beginning on Valentine’s Day and has launched an educational Web site chronicling the devastating impact of human overpopulation on endangered species.”

I am a little puzzled by the “win a lifetime supply of endangered species condoms” contest.  Lifetime of ….me, the human? The species on the condom?
And how do they calculate what a lifetime supply is, anyway?  Is there an average daily condom usage statistic that you plug into (heh!) a formula of some sort?  It probably uses your age as an adjusting denominator for the total amount.  I’m just sayin’…..

Despite the painful Seuss-ian rhyme, I am very entertained by this.  I would totally sign up to distribute the condoms if they could promise me they would all be beetle skins. So to speak.

Please suggest alternate slogans for other insectile prophylactics in the comments!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Personally, I don’t think it’s really the expansion of human population that’s too blame for the destruction of endangered species. While the human population is growing rapidly, it’s not any more rapid than our technological productivity can keep up in most places. The endangered environment areas (rainforests, coral reefs, etc.) are almost all in places where we lack the political and technological will to try and make a difference in how natural resources are used/conserved/exploited.

    Population growth is a problem, but properly channeled, more humans means more potential intelligent solutions/passions, advocacy turned towards the problems of the planet. It doesn’t have to mean JUST more resource consumption, and certainly not consumption only in the most at-risk areas.

  2. ” Honey, would you Bee a dear and cover your stinger”

  3. Well, more people certainly does not help, Drew!
    I am in the “every child a wanted child” camp, and there is lots of data that shows that when women are given access to family planning, family welfare and health improves radically.

    This is clearly a gimmick–but one that amuses me. And very well done, Daniel! I am so mad I didn’t think of that one! ;p

  4. Maybe the lifetime supply runs out when the species goes extinct.

  5. At first, I thought they were advocating condoms for the *beetles*. Which might need them. I once was in the yard watching a burying beetle when another one came and mated with it, and while I was watching I saw a whole bunch of mites scurry from one beetle to the other. It sure looked like a sexually transmitted disease to me.

    (although, I have since read that there are some mites that are in a symbiotic relationship with the beetles and ride around with them, so maybe it wasn’t a disease as such).

  6. Sounds like something VHEMT could get behind… (instead of “stopping at two” they promote “stopping at once!”)

    This is absolutely awesome, btw.

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