Traveling, so please talk amongst yourselves.  So far it’s been a fairly eventful trip–12 inches of snow and a flaming de-icer canceled all flights.   Oddly enough, in a part of Michigan known for lake effect snow, there was only one de-icer for the airport. It had mostly stopped smoking by the time I arrived, but the damage had been done.

Also, my suitcase sent off all sorts of alarms, so every TSA employee at the airport has now fondled my underpants and bras.

Eventually, they put us all on a bus to Chicago, where I finally got on a plane 12 hours after I arrived at the airport.

I really liked this sign–sort of fits my surreal travel experience. Check out the blog of strange signs: Oddly Specific.

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  1. HO-LY-CRAP. Now, you make a special effort for the rest of the trip to be worthy of such an auspicious start, okay? I’m sure you’ll manage quite well — just watch where you’re aiming your shoes!


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