Once again, it’s time for the Hexapod Haiku Challenge from the North Carolina State University Insect Museum!

They usually have entries from all around the world–will you be participating?

“Haiku is a fun medium, traditionally focusing on seasonal changes and nature (including insects and other terrestrial and freshwater arthropods!), and with a relatively standard format that makes judging (perhaps) less difficult. We will definitely accept minor departures from traditional haiku “rules” (i.e., the 5-7-5 onji composition). We’d also love to see more haiga (a haiku that is accompanied by an image) and senryu (short poem about human and/or, in this case, insect foibles) though they will be judged as haiku equivalents.

For you we offer three awards with (small) prizes: 1) best in show, 2) runner-up, 3) best entry from poet under the age of 13. We also have honorable mention categories that change every year depending on the submissions we get (most traditional, funniest, best IPM-themed poem, etc.)”

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. We have entries from these localities so far this year. It’s definitely an international affair!

  2. And I forgot to thank you for posting about our contest! THANKS!

  3. Angela Winner March 1, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    I just sent in my entries:

    Mosquito pupa
    I didn’t know, told schoolkids so
    Bell rang — it eclosed

    Torpid winter ants
    Reputation? Industry?
    How long did you watch?

    God watches sparrows
    But ant keepers mourn the death
    Of a single ant

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