For National Pollinator Week the USDA is promoting People’s Gardens.  USDA facilities are invited to begin a garden, or support a community garden. This year bees took up residence on the DC Mall!

‘The People’s Garden’ initiative is an effort by USDA which challenges its employees to establish gardens at USDA facilities worldwide or help communities create gardens. A ‘People’s Garden’ can vary in size and type, but all have a common purpose – to help the community they are within and the environment.  A ‘People’s Garden’ must include the following three components:

1. Benefit your community: Gardens benefit communities in many different ways. They can create spaces for leisure or recreation that the public can use, provide a harvest to a local food bank or shelter, be a wildlife friendly landscape or be a rain garden to absorb storm water run-off and protect the soil from erosion.

2. Be collaborative: The garden must be a collaborative effort between other volunteers, neighbors or organizations within your community. Local partnerships could carry out the mission of a People’s Garden.

3. Incorporate sustainable practices: the garden should include gardening practices that nurture, maintain and protect the environment such as:
· Capturing rainwater in rain barrels
· Composting and mulching
· Planting native species
· Encouraging beneficial insects that feed on destructive pests

Yay Gardens!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Yay! Bug Girl’s back!

  2. This summer I have been observing flowers on my patio and in the yard – only bumble bees – no honey bees this year in Bel Air, Maryland

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