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  1. I love Eddie Izzard. I would never think I’d find a clip of his through the Tag Surfer among animals, birds and insects. :)

  2. Just FIVE MINUTES AGO I was chatting with husband saying it’s like we’ve been converted to The Gospel of Eddie Izzard. I want to convert everyone. His bits come up in our day to day life all the time. DEEEEE-lightful. Thanks SO much for an Eddie dose!! He is the MAN. Saw him live February and it was AMAZING.

  3. I love him more than words can express.

  4. I thought about playing this for my beekeeping students on the first day of class.

    But I chickened out.

  5. Yeah, I can see there might be some issues with Eddie in a classroom ;p

  6. The thing is, he drops one f-bomb right in the middle. That’s it. That’s the only reason I can’t play it.

  7. […] They put the cell phones in the freakin’ hive (see photo). Now, granted, maybe that is where Eddie Izzard takes his phone calls. But most people do not stand inside–or next to–active beehives […]

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