I was in Target looking for….you know, I don’t actually remember what I was looking for. But I found this!!

No idea who is going to want this besides an entomologist, so I suggest checking the clearance isles for some mighty cool office gear :)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. Augh! We don’t have Targets here!!! And I NEED That box! AUGH!
    I may have to throw myself off a cliff given my current state of distress.

  2. I’d have bought it…so you can add rangers to entomologists.

  3. QuestionAuthority September 16, 2010 at 7:14 am

    Only you would fine something like this at Target, BG. LOL

  4. I’ve never been to the Clearance Isles… anywhere near the Scilly Isles?

  5. I agree about the insect appetizer plates – they are, if anything, even better than the boxes!

  6. Nice box.
    A sort of insect accessorizing at my house: 3 stink bugs have taken up residence between the plexiglass and metal frame of my storm door since it turned cooler. I can see them if I look out the door but people cant see them from entrance into house. Will they be able to survive winter in there? They are all huddled together. How in the heck did they all 3 find that space together?

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