I was up in Petoskey this weekend, and really loved it. Lake Michigan can be very beautiful.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Wow! I lived in Ann Arbor for several years for different reasons (pre-grad school and grad school) and traveled a TINY bit but apparently not to there–LOVEly. Miss those amazing falls with fall leaves everywhere. Cedars and pines don’t put on such a show, here. =)

  2. Yes, the northern bits of Michigan are veeeeeerrrrrryyyy different from the southern parts. Much more quaint[1] and picturesque[2] than downstate.

    [1] “decrepit and tumble-down”

    [2] “horribly precipitous, with bad roads”[3]

    [3] Definitions as per Terry Pratchett, in “The Colour of Magic”

  3. Did you see any Petosky stones along the lake (acutally Devonian rugose corals of the genus Hexagonaria)?

  4. No–but I was looking! I’m sure everyone else is looking too, and that beach is closely scoured :)

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