Need to use up the very last of your summer tomatoes? How about some waxworm tacos?

This video is part of Girl Meets Bug, a project by Danielle Martin.  I think she’ll be the next Nigella Lawson :)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. It would be like eating a friend…

  2. I guess Fear Factor never really grossed out people like Danielle Martin or BugGirl?

  3. Oh i cannot wait to make these! Tragically, i ended up up traumatizing many of my friends by making them garlic mealworm flambe, because i poured the mealworms into the saute without freezing them first. Poor little (tasty) guys. So i cannot emphasize the importance of Daniella’s “freeze’em first” step…!

  4. Sounds tasty but I’m afraid the Waxworm Tacos aren’t going to take the culinary world by storm until waxworm prices come down a bit. A quick online search tells me that was probably a $20 taco.

  5. Way cool. :D

  6. 1. HAD to click on THAT headline, jeepers.
    2. NOT going to watch it. I’maweenie. And about to eat dinner…


  7. I think the only way to make these economically viable is to raise your own. I will say however, that waxworms are pretty damn good. I am less inclined to like the insects with harder cuticles such as mealworms, and the thought of eating crickets grosses me out. Not that I am biased against Orthoptera, but geez, have you ever smelled a captive raised cricket? Wild crickets look pretty good though, and are probably more meaty.

  8. … and insects are a protein source that’s low in cholesterol!

    (so I hear)

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