Caught in the Bug Net: 10.23.10

I wanted to make sure you saw this one from The Onion:

“GRAND IMPERIAL THRONE ROOM, CASTLE ROACH—His Royal Highness, King Leopold Blattodea IV, undisputed lord and ruler of the cockroaches, expressed dismay and concern Monday that the recent rise in bedbug populations could threaten his sovereignty over the realm of human squalor.
Gathered in His Majesty’s begrimed throne room behind the bathroom sink, a solemn coterie of royal advisers and nobleroaches received the king’s proclamation in tense silence, awaiting his word on precisely how the cockroach kingdom would respond to the bedbug scourge.”

Fake Science explains Bees. Sort of.

Alex rants about overblown honeybee doom and gloom statements.

The filmmaker of Born into Brothels has a new project she wants to fund about mantids!  The verbiage is a bit twee and new-agey, but the photography is spectacular.

Giant billboard Monarch Taxonomy FAIL is spotted by several blogs. *head desk*

Doug went on a trip (again) and came back with spectacular photos (again)–I especially like the teal grasshopper.

A truly amazing collection of insect sculptures–I think I’ve linked to this before, but well worth re-linking!

Ed finds a very nice bit of Rachel Carson history.

And last, but not least, David discusses a recent journal editorial that clearly does not get what ‘teh blogging’ is all about.