Joy! More video of Eddie Izzard discussing bees!  From his Unrepeatable show:

Sadly, I can’t find the best part, although there is a transcript:

Enterprising Insects

“And also they make honey, and that’s an amazing thing! Bees make honey?! We’ve known this since we were kids, so we take it absolutely for granted, but bees are insects, furry body, red- not red, yellow and black stripy, hairy leggy,…..Medium size wings, you know- they’re buzzy things, you know, and they make honey?! Which is in your morning, on your breakfast-y toastie, in a jar, kind of- how do they do that?!

I mean, do earwigs make chutney? Do spiders make gravy? What is going on?

Earwigs going, “Get the chutney under that stone there. (singing) We make chutney all day… It’s an earwig’s life, ain’t it? Put the chutney in there, there we go.”

And spiders, saying, “Gravy, yes… no problem at all, mate. We’ll make spider gravy, the way spiders like to make it, yes… Put that cube in there… Hold on, Legs… There you go, mate. Can we get the measuring jar back when you’re finished?” It’s very weird!”

In case you missed it: Covered in Bees!

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  1. Actually, I think that if you let earwigs go after some fruit, they probably *would* dice it up into something closely resembling chutney. The trick would be persuading most people to eat it.

    I will concede that the spider-made gravy is probably a stretch, thought.

  2. I love Eddie Izzard, even more so when he’s in drag. He’s the bee’s knees.

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