I have a cunning plan (with apologies to Baldrick).  I’m applying to this job with LibraryThing:

“LibraryThing is hiring a bookish, social-media savvy employee. We want someone passionate about books and about book lovers, and excited to take social cataloging and bookish social networking to the next level.”

Like all scientists everywhere, I’m borrowing and refining a proven technique.  If you would like to help LibraryThing hire an ÜberNerd (i.e, ME), please tweet this:

{removed since Operation Gadfly ended successfully}

This is an experiment (science again!) to see if I can socially engineer an interview :)

I haven’t quite figured out what I can do to thank you if you participate–feel free to post your demands in the comments.

You all have been so incredibly kind to me over the last 5 years, as you’ve read about my battles with random wingnuttery,  shared my love of our creepy crawly brethren, and (hopefully) watched my writing improve.  I am humbled by your support.  (and don’t worry, I will only do this ONCE.  It might be an experiment, but I won’t replicate it.)

Thanks everyone!

EDITED 11/1/2010 TO ADD: Holy Crap! I thought this might be a neat way to make LibraryThing know who I was and that I knew about social media. I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations! (See the comments for some links to screen shots).  I am, once again, so grateful and humble for your help.  I sound like a bumbling Miss America contestant, but…*sniff*



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  1. He’d be a fool not to hire you, and he doesn’t seem to be a fool.

  2. Thanks, Raincoaster. That means a lot coming from you. *blush*

  3. QuestionAuthority November 2, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Well, did it work? Minions want to know! ;-)

  4. Still trying to finagle an interview. They certainly know who I am though!

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