7 thoughts on “Thursday Cuteness

  1. Ha! THAT is adorable! Have had some good times with ladybugs…once discovered s/thing crawling on the wall that looked like a tiny leaning tower of Pisa. Investigation showed it to be a ladybug that had meandered thru a pile of dustbunny(s) where it wound up taking the dustbunny with it. In fact…oh hey I still have a profile pic I made of it long ago, just swapped profile pics so should show up on my comment now.

    Anyway – great vid catch on this ladybug nomming sprinkles! Who knew they were such little sugar fiends! Or maybe they just like to play with little colored balls?

  2. That is pretty darn cool. Now I can imagine setting up a miniature soccer pitch with one sprinkle and a bunch of ladybugs…

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