I have been tweaking the blog format this week, so please let me know if you find it easier/same/harder to read than the old version!santapede

Mostly, I’m working on making the layout a bit more flexible for different browser sizes. I looked at this on the iPhone, and it seems ok. Would be interested to hear from people with Androids and iPads.  I also was considering a completely stripped down version (you can see that on my other blog here).

I have tried to correct/clean up the links in the sidebar, which I hadn’t done for some time.
If you have a bug blog and you’d like to be included here, please mention it in the comments!

Some blogs seem to be in diapause–if there were some posts this year, I left them on the list.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Looks good to me. :-D

  2. The new format displays well and seems easy to read and navigate (just on a regular old computer. No gadgets.) But it somehow has less personality than the old one… maybe partly because of the absence of your avatar and the tagline on the homepage (or on the banner or wherever it was)? I liked those!

  3. Oh! You’re right! I hadn’t noticed my tagline went away. Will fix that–thanks!

  4. 1. adorable Christmas house centipede (? yes? no?) 2. I really like the new layout. Simpler, easier to read. Admittedly, I am a minimalist, but I think it’s great! =)

  5. It’s perfectly readable on my Android phone. Not that this matters much to me anyway, as I normally read it in my rss reader. (Newsrob Pro)

  6. I like the new look, it’s very clean and simple. It works well on my Droid X in both Opera and the standard Android browser. The RSS feed still works too.

  7. It doesn’t
    look good
    to me in
    RSS reader
    because the
    text is all
    in the mid
    dle and it
    makes it
    very hard
    to read.

  8. Looks good to me! Granted, I have a 27 inch screen, so I can see everything with a huge band of empty space on either side, so I might not be the best judge of whether the new design works or not. Like the new design though! And I’d love to have my bug blog mentioned in your sidebar since you asked. The link should be attached to my name.

  9. I like the new theme, it looks great!

  10. Looks good to me! I’d love to be included in your blog roll as well, thanks in advance!

  11. Looks fine to me, and a little less cluttered than the retro original ;-) Reads ok in Google Reader too. Feel free to list my blog if you like.

  12. Hello, Im a newbie and HAVE to get this on the GF’s new phone. (She’s scared of these things for some reason.) Suggestions?

  13. Um, not sure what you’re asking for dNorris?

    putting a bookmark in? finding RSS feed?

  14. Apparently the link to my blog didn’t automatically appear even though I was signed into WordPress at the time. My Blog’s address is dragonflywoman.wordpress.com. Thanks!

  15. Looks fine on the iPad, really the old site looked fine as well.

  16. The new layout looks really good to me, nice and clean; I definitely prefer it to the old version. Cute centipede (aak, did I just say that?!?)! I’ve got a buggy blog if you’re interested in including it on your list: http://www.falltoclimb.wordpress.com

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