I love this!  It’s being billed as a “participatory art project.”  Basically, you can sign up to have a cockroach tour of the London Science Museum in 2011.

Superflex is an art group from Denmark; they contracted with the costumers Firmaet to create these wonderful roach suits.  I have no idea what that carapace is made out of, but I really, really want one!  I think it was probably fabricated by 10Tons, which means acquiring one is probably out of my price range.  Firmaet’s Blog has many adorable photos of the roaches–I have swiped one here since I can’t link to individual posts.

Some of the other groups linked to as participants in the project are drama-related, and there is a credit for a script writer, so I suspect that there is much more to this than just walking around in fun costumes.

If ever there was a time for a press junket, THIS IS IT!   Oh Science Museum, I await your call!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. OMG; this is so cool! I LOVE those roach suits.

  2. This looks awesome! How did they make giant roaches cute?

  3. Holy Hellgrammites i need to visit London this year! And the tilt-shift roach-people videos are adorable.

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