I was excited about this “big bug” feature that someone sent me…until I got to the 4th bug.  That is NOT a Giant Walking stick. It’s a Mantis.  If the mantis is also 21 inches long, though, that IS worth making a big deal about!


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  1. If the mantis is 21″ long- RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

  2. I found the original photo posted on Flickr several years ago. The photographer didn’t even know what it was at the time, although someone did leave comment months later that it was a mantis. I’m guessing the treehugger people somehow obtained the photo but didn’t do any follow up as far as the ID.

  3. Oh, that photo is marked creative commons–that’s probably exactly how they found it–with a search for free photos tagged “stick insect” ;p
    Interestingly, treehugger.com is owned by the Discovery Channel.

    Which…is not what I think of as hippie friendly ;p

  4. Mantis or walking stick…still not a bug!

  5. Shoot, I could tell a praying mantis even before I got into entomology! They’re pretty distinctive.

  6. QuestionAuthority January 27, 2011 at 10:54 am

    Me, too. One of my favorites.
    But 21 inches long? What’s it live on? Birds? Light aircraft?

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