Mantis Fratricide?

It appears someone found the giant mantis mentioned earlier this week.If these two are related, I'm the Mona Lisa The description sounds like classic cold war stuff:

“Dilke had been miniaturized, first man in a daring experiment to solve Earth’s hideous overcrowding. He was just quarter of an inch high and there was no going back.

Now Dilke, a microagent for British Intelligence, was on a mission to South America tracking down the source of a horrifying poison gas.

And in the tropical jungle Dilke was hunted…by Mamoth-fanged wolf-spiders and the ferocious praying mantis.”

Also, why is this dude wearing ugg boots?

7 thoughts on “Mantis Fratricide?

  1. Nice comments in the link! I have to say, I feel like buying the book now! Maybe the technology for shrinking the man didn’t extend to his attire. No doubt in the sequel there’ll be a scantily clad Mrs Uggboots too.

  2. Microagent? Hahahah!

    Miniaturising everyone isn’t so great an idea though. We’d have to rebuild absolutely everything. And run away from a lot more stuff, clearly.

  3. Microagents? This explains why British intelligence services have fallen a long way from their WWII heights.

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