And once again, my faithful network of TV watchers alerts me to insects on Television! In this case, it’s both sad and hilarious.
The show is The Bachelor–you know, the one that celebrates American Family Values with 15 women living with and competing for some rich dude’s attention?  Ending in a hetero marriage proposal. Yeah.

Very Traditional.

Anyway, at 00.16, a large beetle (correctly identified!!) is discovered, and panic ensues:

The Bachelor? He’s in a tub with a half-naked woman, and by God is not getting out, even when he hears someone screaming in terror.


Also, that beetle really looks like a plant to me. Why would a 1/2 dead scarab fly in and land on a coffee table?  Please speculate in the comments!

(BTW? the “Bait Car” show is not nearly as interesting as I had hoped. No actual live bait.)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Well, it looked like a dung beetle to me. Maybe the show is of such quality that it is able to attract even half dead dung beetles…

  2. Nice interpretation, Derek. =) No such genius interpretations here, I was just looking at it in the video, getting envious when I thought it did look like a cool scarab beetle. =) That one chick was cool with it, though. She gets at least one point for that…

  3. Here we go … invite a bunch of people over, and those who don’t freak out at my pet tarantula are eligible for future dates ….

  4. is “bait” car about 12 yr old boys?

  5. Was that a June Beetle? They fly into all sorts of stupid places; porch lights really attract them.

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