It’s the first Monday of March! Spring is in the air!
In fact, 2 weeks from now is the official end of winter and beginning of Spring.  (For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway.)

And….well. We all know what spring is about.


Sex is a common obsession with biologists. In fact, there is a Flickr Group called Insect Porn.

There is nothing wrong with that, of course. Whatever 2 (or more) consenting adult insects choose to do together is completely healthy and natural. So, on to this month’s emissions. Uh, submissions.

Sleeping with the Fishes covers Deep Sex! I mean, Deep Sea Sex. By krill.  Shameless little buggers!  (Here’s the video. You know you want to watch it.)

Kevin covers barnacle sex and Mr. Darwin.  Including a link to Isabella Rosselini’s educational film on barnacle reproduction.

Wandering Weta blogs about Behind the Red Door.   All about tubeworms.  Which are not like trouser snakes. Really.

Sadly, it appears that the Johnson’s Tiger Beetle isn’t getting any in Missouri. Which may be why the population appears to be extirpated, according to Beetles in the Bush.  (I would like to point out that I have shown great restraint in not making even worse sexual innuendo out of “Johnson” and “Bush.”)

Since we’re talking about tiger beetles, I want to bring this project to your attention–it’s a Kickstarter project about one of the rarest insects in the US–the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle.  (Kickstarter is a way for filmmakers and artists to raise cash online.)  He only needs about $1500 more to fund his project, so consider tossing him some cash. He promises not to spend it on hookers and blow like some Hollywood types.

Deep Sea News covers the Release of the Daphnia Genome. These adorable little crustaceans often don’t bother with sexual reproduction. You could say the Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves.

And, of course, there is always the inevitable result of sex–offspring.  Dragonfly Woman has some awesome photos of giant water bug eggs! Some of these are the result of electron microscopy–extreme closeup!


Ok, there is a limit to my ribaldry.   Or, at least a limit on a school night!

10,000 Birds has a series of great photos of Dragonflies, as does Wild Sri Lanka‘s post on  dragonflies.

Slugyard has a nice photo of a Dance Fly, and Real Monstrosities covers Hydras!

This post was not submitted, but I include it because it has photos of Membracids! Squee!! Adorable.

Composing this month’s CoS was exhausting.  So, how about some Napping Ants?! But…they’re supposed to be workaholics! Wild about Ants explains.

Next month’s Circus will be hosted at NeuroDojo. You can find his email here.  It remains to be seen if I will ever be allowed to host a Circus of the Spineless again, after working blue on this one.

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  1. I sent you a submission with a photo of a tiny unhatched whelk – must’ve gotten lost in your spam filter. Cool links, regardless!

  2. Sorry Rebecca, I must have missed it! I’ll check the filter.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out for the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle doc! I really appreciate the support and I promise not to spend the cash on bad things. Also, everyone who supports the project gets some sweet beetle swag!

  4. Just posted two amorous flies, not sure which species. Any help?
    Great post!

    Blind to the world, drawn by forces beyond their control:

  5. =) I used to wonder as a child poring over bug books why bug people seemed obsessed with bugs having sex. As an adult and amateur photographer, I’ve learned at least one major bonus. They are (mostly) STILL and don’t run/fly away as readily as usual, so it’s EASY. Plus, handy to have male and female in same shot.

    Which doesn’t mean entomologists aren’t obsessed, but I now understand the practical aspects. =)

  6. After all that, I’m amazed you didn’t resort to my favorite pun, “In-Sex” !

    Dang, wish I hadn’t forgotten the deadline, or I would have posted on aphid parthenogenesis …

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