A fun video about eating insects in Madagascar!

(I have to say, I’m with him on the eel. I’ve never liked them the few times I’ve had them.  They taste like they look–slimy.)

Here’s more info on what they were eating from the book Human Use of Insects as a Food Resource:

Fulgoridae (planthoppers)
Pyrops madagascariensis (= tenebrosa Fabr.)

Pyrops tenebrosa Fabr., known as sakondry, is presently eaten, fried, in the northern part of the island (DeCary 1937).  Gade (1985) reports that the sakandry (P. madagascariensis) is a “preferred comestible.”  It feeds on lima bean and related plants, and, dried, is much appreciated, especially in the Majunga region.

These insects are relatives of the lanternfly (which aren’t true flies, nor do they light up, just to add to the confusion).  Fulgorids are almost as cute as Membracids, and are one of my favorite insect groups. I had no idea they were tasty, too!

Thanks so much to K. Edwards for finding that reference for me!

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