A wonderful symposium on Entomophagy from the 2010 Entomological Society of America National Meeting is now (mostly) online in a series of videos.

I think one of the most interesting was from a a pediatric nutrition specialist (not an entomologist.)  It’s a bit long, and the video quality is dismal, but he tells a really fascinating story of how using insects in supplemental infant feed in Africa can produce great results.  It does not, regrettably, have a transcript available. *Cough*

M&Ms are Mealworms and Mopane worms :)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I believe that I could supply the text that accompanied this presentation, if anyone really wants it.

  2. I always found it strange that prawns and crabs are eaten readily, especially considering what things like blue channel crabs are likely to have eaten, but western people tend to gag at the thought of a mopane worm or witchety grub. I guess some arthropods are more equal than others. Well, to be honest, the thought of a big, greasy worm for lunch makes me squeamish too.

  3. Hi Dave Gracer – we’d be interested here. We sometimes put on mealworm meals and have to communicate with the media.

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