Apparently, my site looks like crap on the iPad

Huh. I was just alerted by a reader that for reasons I know nothing about, my site is rendered completely differently on an iPad. Please accept my apology!

I will see what I can find out about that.  It’s a mystery to me.

8 thoughts on “Apparently, my site looks like crap on the iPad

  1. recently instituted an iPad-friendly theme for all theirs sites. Unfortunately for many, the result isn’t all that desirable. I’m not sure if there’s a way to disable it.

  2. I’m a little late into this chime but, must say in theory the “book page swipe design” would be great. The reality is however, that it makes viewing experience slower not to mention half of Bug Girl’s blog is inaccessible because the screen cuts off where the majority of the links are. I think over time they will make it work, but regardless of this they need a “view as web” option to at least switch out of should someone (like me) want to.

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