Month: May 2011

Book Review: Thripz and Dust

Thripz (Author: Robert Farley) Bug Rating: Dust (Author: Charles Pellegrino) Bug Rating: It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a book, and it seemed like these two go together.  They are both stories of tiny […]

Insects Totally Caused Ultimate Frisbee

So, I was going to write a really important post tonight.  It was going to deal with philosophy of science, and it was going to be a shoe-in for Open Lab 2011.  It was gonna […]

Zanti Misfits

A very creepy Outer Limits episode

Take my insects–Please!

Ok, so as a followup on the whole copyright/flamewar/widget fiasco, I have created a new group on Flickr. It’s called: Take my Insects! Please!  I invite everyone to add photos they would like highlighted on […]

Photos, Flames, and Copyright

I got to start my Sunday morning with a really angry email: Hey Bug Girl, practice what you preach! [reference to my Digital Millennia Copyright Act notice on the sidebar]……I stumbled upon this text by […]

Debugging Grace Hopper

Since I talked about pioneering women earlier this week, how about examining the Entomological/Etymological connections of Grace Hopper? I should give her the proper title–Rear Admiral Hopper.  (A biography described her as “Admiral of the […]

Things do get better, sometimes

I was very excited to see this news this morning: “Christianne Corbett, a senior researcher at the American Association of University Women (AAUW), will be the keynote speaker at Entomology 2011, the 59th Annual Meeting […]

Bees, CCD, and Cell phones: Still no Link.

Once again, the media is going bonkers over a bee paper, and making claims way out of proportion to any actual results. Here are some sample headlines: Cellphones cause bees to swarm and die Phone […]

Hexapod Haiku Winners Announced

If you haven’t already paid a visit to the NCSU Insect Museum Blog, now is the time! They have announced the winners of their yearly Haiku/poetry challenge in several blog posts over the last week. […]