Ok, so as a followup on the whole copyright/flamewar/widget fiasco, I have created a new group on Flickr. It’s called:

Take my Insects! Please! 

I invite everyone to add photos they would like highlighted on my blog via my Flickr Widget–the box with the pretty photos in the upper left corner of the blog.  The widget displays a LINKED THUMBNAIL of your photo. It’s a great way to get more people to look at your work!

I’m setting up this group to make sure that absolutely everyone who has photos that appear on my blog is totally ok with that. I will use the RSS feed of the group’s photos, so I won’t be hosting your photo or any originals on my blog, nor will I use your photo in a post if it is marked as copyright protected.

While WordPress and Flickr both seem to feel that I am well within my legal rights to keep using the general RSS Insect feed on Flickr, I’d rather avoid future dramafests.

So–Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your bugs!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. I honestly cannot imagine why people felt the need to make such a huge deal over this! Having your photos displayed somewhere with a link right back to them is the best free publicity you can ask for on the internet and a blog that puts forward good content such as this even more so… o_O

    I would be happy to have my photos appear on your blog and I dont see why anyone would not be.

  2. Yeah, I found it all a little puzzling as well.

    And thank you for the lovely compliment!

  3. What Subverted said. You can have mine too.

  4. You do know that the fastest way to create a flame war is to propose a somewhat contentious idea, then ask people to be rational :)

    Seriously, though, cool idea. I may go hunting for some bugs and take some crappy pics just for you.

  5. Oooh! I’ve got a ton of photos! Alas, I have not a Flickr account. I suppose I’ll have to make one. I would be pretty jazzed to see my photos on your blog. :)

  6. I do not do bug photos much. I prefer dogs. But now I will make a special effort if just to populate the Flickr feed with good quality buggies.

    Darn, I bet this means I need some new lenses… hmmm… drat, there goes my fun money!


  7. Well, the drama was at least entertaining for some of us. I’m still shaking my head in amusement and amazement.

    I do hope that you get plenty of people sharing their images in your flickr group.

  8. I have a tendency to just focus on the blog posts so this at least made me look at the photo widget. We have a photoblog of our visits to Duke Gardens so I added the better insect photos we have to the Flickr group. I look forward to seeing all the lovely insect photos (now that I’m not just focused on posts)!

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