It’s been a while since I’ve done a link roundup!

First, just posted a bunch of insect tattoo photos in my photostream.

Top 4 Misused Chemical Terms  If you’re like me and you cringe everytime someone says something is “chemical free”, you’ll want to read this.  Best line: “Remember: molecules are too damn small, you just cannot get rid of them.”

A nice review of yet another bee movie: Queen of the Sun.  Best line:  “the film gathers the opinions of some of the most eccentric beekeepers I’ve seen (which is saying something, trust me)”

Brown Recluse Spiderman! “Oh look! A crevice!

Ed discusses the new paper in Nature that finds that buttery scents confuse mosquitoes

Free Bug Bingo Cards!

The cutest darn spider in the world

And, another video–this is an amazing animated film that will change the way you look at spiders and spinnerets:

Non-entomological but noteworthy:

Coyote explains how not to be an asshole

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