A brief plug for something that sounds cool and wonderful:

Several of the big names in insect and spider macrophotography are offering to take you on a weekend nature hike and teach you all the secrets of taking awesome photos.

Their photography course and weekend retreat is on Labor Day Weekend 2011 (September 2-5) at the Shaw Nature Reserve outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

You do not have to be a professional entomologist to attend!

Who should go?

  • Photographers who wish to learn arthropod-specific techniques
  • Naturalists & gardeners who enjoy the little things outdoors
  • Bug bloggers & bugguide.netters who’d like to spice up their online imagery
  • Entomologists who aspire to improve their photographic skills for work or pleasure
  • Anyone looking for an excuse to hang out at the beautiful Shaw Nature Reserve for a long weekend

Register now if you are interested!

I don’t know how I could possibly fit this into my schedule, but DAMN I want to go!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!