It’s too damn hot to blog

So how about another pretty photo?  It’s the time of the year for dog-day cicadas to sing, so this beautiful photo from French Guiana seems appropriate. It’s a biodiversity hot spot in South America I hope to visit one day.

Amazing camouflage on this cicada!  They have always been one of my favorite insects.

Thanks so much to Sean McCann (deadmike) for letting me use his photo!

3 thoughts on “It’s too damn hot to blog

  1. Pas de problème!
    Ces insectes sont trop bruyants tous les matins!
    It is actually unbelievable how loud they can be, especially if they are only a few metres from your hammock.
    This one on the tree was only one of 10 or so within reaching distance. This species is quite large (bigger than many in the US), but I have also seen teeny tiny ones about the size of a fingernail. They seem to call for a while in one spot, then flit to another tree. They get nailed by nunbirds quite a bit, as do other large insects. You can here some cicadas, and see a nunbird bash a large grasshopper here:

  2. Now, I know the english name of that insect, it’s cicada. We call it as “gangis” in my province in the Philippines. Those insects will sing during night time in the forest.

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