ant man comic bookSome time back I reported on a plan to convert the Ant Man comic into a movie.  Updates from Comic-Con suggest that movie is back in development!  It currently has a 2014 release date.

Ant-Man first appeared in 1962, and is described in a comic Wiki with this wonderful sentence:

With the help of his hexapoda allies Hank was able to stem the tide of most minor crimes. “

The basic Ant-Man plot line is, like most comics, convoluted and involves many different story arcs and reincarnations.  Hank Pym discovered a group of subatomic particles and produced two serums from them, one to reduce someone in size and another to restore them.  This allowed him to shrink to the size of an ant and return to normal shape.

He went on to develop a helmet that let him communicate and control ants, and became a crime fighter and one of the founding members of the Avengers.  (Sadly, he has been edited out of the Avengers movie to be released in 2012.  Speciesism!!)

He turned his girlfriend into an insecty sidekick (Wasp) and also had several nervous breakdowns and developed alter egos. I suppose as a physicist forced to constantly violate physical principles (conservation of matter, for one), that is to be expected.   About the only constant for Ant-Man over the years is that he seems to have been a bit of a perv, inclined to hide out in inconspicuous spots on women. Like… brassieres.

Do a Google search for images of “Ant-Man” or browse through the back issues of some of the comics online for much hilarious insecty action.

Anyway, back to the movie.   The director is Edgar Wright, and initial reports suggested Simon Pegg as the lead, which is just all sorts of flavors of awesome.

Mr Wright and Mr. Pegg:

simon pegg

I hereby offer my services as entomological consultant.

Spare your self the ignominy of The Bee Movie’s horrible fate (i.e., being mocked here and elsewhere for their utterly crap insect science.)

Accept professional help.  Hire an entomologist!

Other Insect Superheros:

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