I’m on the radio!

skeptically speaking logoBest of all, I am joined on this episode of Skeptically Speaking by anthropologist Greg Laden, who talks about entomophagy (bug eating).

My part of the interview starts with a discussion of using a pseudonym online, and why I think scientists need them. Then we have a fun chat about treehoppers, bees, and fake mosquito repellent devices.  Bonus moment of embarrassment:  I try to be relevant to a Canadian audience by comparing native pollinators to Wayne Gretzky.


Direct link to the show

Here are links to my posts about some of the topics from this episode:

Ben the Overly Literal Dermestid Beetle

And he’s got a bone to pick!

I can’t believe I am just now finding out about this.

Today’s topic: “_____gate”.  You can’t just go around making prefixes and suffixes out of any syllables you like. There have to be rules for this sort of thing!

Surf around some of Ben’s some other videos–your productivity is at an end.