Today’s Tuesday Photo is of an adorable little skipper butterfly, courtesy of Shubhada Nikharge.  And yes, it is taking a drink from what you think it is–bird poop.  Bird droppings have a lot of nitrogen, as well as salts and other minerals that butterflies need. Think of it as a rather splatty vitamin suppliment.  Most plants don’t have high salt or nitrogen in their tissues or nectar, so butterflies seek it out from other sources.  A little factoid to enjoy with your morning coffee.

6 thoughts on “Awwww….EW.

  1. I’ve always enjoyed seeing skippers — they really are different than other butterflies. You can recognize one from a distance sometimes.

  2. Considering how “ew” an entomology picture can get, consider me greatly relieved (no pun intended). Nitrogen, yum. =) Lovely little creature.

  3. Hah, eww. Reminds me of a Callopistromyia fly I shot a year or two ago. It was doing that courtship display that picture-wing flies do, dancing around with the wings held upright — but the other fly it was dancing in front of was in fact a dry bird turd.

  4. I have just discovered your blog. I am studying to be an entomologist myself. I like your pictures and writing. Thanks for this.

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