Bug Girl’s Greatest Bug Hits

I thought since a bunch of new readers would be coming by today (in theory!) after my appearance on the Organic Gardener Radio show, I’d put together a collection of posts that give them a flavor of Bug Girl, and link to some of the resources I mentioned.

First, a link to the wonderful Xerces Society publications about encouraging native pollinators in your garden.  Tons of great resources to make your garden or farm pollinator-friendly, all free!

You can find information on the corpse flower we discussed here.

Shellac: it’s a Bug AND a Feature
The little insects we were discussing at the top of the show, that may be in your food, too :)

Will herbal lotions repel mosquitoes? 
In which I combine zombies, hamsters, Barry White, and mosquitoes in a single post. Rather proud of that one.  Alas, Garlic does not appear to repel mosquitoes, at least not consistently.  You might also be interested in a summary of the research on insect zappers, and the new CO2 devices I mentioned.

Are there roaches in your Coffee and Chocolate?
You may not want to know.

Is it illegal to Kill a preying mantis? Short answer: No.

I don’t know that those are the best, or most amusing, posts, but they are some that consistently get a lot of traffic, and seem to be representative. Check out the category “Ask an Entomologist” on the top right for even more insect goodness!

Also, while I was on the show I heard a commercial for colloidal silver. Please, don’t take that unless you want to join the Blue Man Group.  Colloidal silver is not safe or effective.

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