skeptically speaking logoBest of all, I am joined on this episode of Skeptically Speaking by anthropologist Greg Laden, who talks about entomophagy (bug eating).

My part of the interview starts with a discussion of using a pseudonym online, and why I think scientists need them. Then we have a fun chat about treehoppers, bees, and fake mosquito repellent devices.  Bonus moment of embarrassment:  I try to be relevant to a Canadian audience by comparing native pollinators to Wayne Gretzky.


Direct link to the show

Here are links to my posts about some of the topics from this episode:

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. We really enjoyed having you on. Thanks for the plug! =)

  2. Great hearing you on Skeptically Speaking — fun and informative as usual!

    You mentioned the treehoppers making sound — any chance you could throw up a link to those sounds or a post about them? (Looked but couldn’t find…) Thanks!

  3. I’m just listening to it now. How have I not known about you before? You are awesome on a scale that is usually reserved for robots, ninjas, and pirates…. And giant robot ninja pirates.

  4. Thanks for the compliments! *blush*

    A link to a recording of membracids is here:

  5. Hello,

    I came across the Skeptically Speaking podcast by chance and listened to your episode, which was my first introduction to you as well. I just wanted to say I am highly impressed by your energetic style of speaking about your subject and it is clear you have have a passion for it. You are amazing and thank you for giving me a bright spot to my day. It means a lot.

  6. I had a funny story related to this that I had to put into a post due to length:

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