5 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais Explains Spiders

  1. Spiders are creepy and evil…that’s why they are always ready. btw, I do not think his numbers are correct. Did he say 5million species on the planet? Erwin (1982) hypothesized that, based upon canopy fogging data in tropical rainforest in Panama, as many as 41,000 arthropod species could exist in 1 ha of land! He then applied the data to estimates of worldwide populations and came up with an estimate which could range as high as 30 million extant arthropod species globally! Holy Criminy!!!

  2. The numbers are a bit out of date. There are currently over 42000 known species of spiders, and about 700 are added to the catalogs each year.

    Spiders with 10 eyes? Don’t exist.

    And, of course, spiders are awesome!

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