Bug Girl Explains it all for you

I was away last week having an awesome time at a conference last week–saw some amazing birds, some marine mammals, had a hellish but cool boat ride, and got to talk to a lot of scientists.  I did a presentation there on social media for scientists and research stations, and it was really well recieved.

Actually, more than one person said “that should have been a plenary session,”  which I am still really, really geeked about!

So–Since few of my readers were able to attend that conference, or the Entomological Society meeting that I’ll be presenting at in November, I thought I would break things into a series of “Social Media for Scientists” posts.  There are some very good existing resources, but they don’t seem to be detailed enough to be useful to people that I’ve recommended them to.

People seem to want instructions along the line of “How do I…” more than “Why do I….”
But you know, we’re scientists. We’re all about procedure.

So–I asked some of this in an earlier post, but to get a more detailed read, here’s a poll!

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