Yep, it’s time for the yearly DonorsChoose Science Challenge!
I choose 4 insect science projects in high poverty schools, and I hope my buggy friends will step up and fund them.

I especially would like to see the Teach For America student in Connecticut get her project funded, since TFA is a project I love, and it’s close to my new home!  She only needs $100 more to make that happen. 5 people x $10 =WIN!

Why does that math look funny? Because several of the projects have match pledges that will double your donation.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with DonorsChoose, here’s how it works: public school teachers post classroom project requests on  Anyone can contribute any amount to a project that inspires them. Once a project reaches its funding goal, Donorschoose delivers the materials to the school.  You also get very cool thank you’s and photos from the teachers and kids.

It’s all tax deductible too.

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Posted by Gwen Pearson

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