Our winner today is an Honorable Mention for Best Traditional Format Limerick.
And by traditional, I mean they used the word “Nantucket.”  Nantucket has been an integral part of dirty limericks since shortly after Europeans figured out there was a continent over here.
Our winner:

A tick met a mite in Nantucket
She said if you bite it, I’ll suck it
But the human had DEET
From his head to his feet
Bugs need food too, WTF it!

Hoist a tankard to Laika, our fourth winner!
I’ll keep counting these down right up until the Entomological Society of America Meeting.  (The ESA is sponsoring a “clean” limerick contest; I take the position that the only good limerick is a bawdy limerick. I’m just naughty and transgressive like that.)

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