Winner–2011 Ribald Tales of Entomology

At last! It’s time to reveal our winner!
This was a late entry, but it rocketed to the top of the list by popular acclaim. It’s so rude it even took ME back a bit.  Enjoy!

There once was a pine tip moth from Nantucket 
whose aedeagus was so long he could suck it
He said with a yalp
as he wiped off his palp
“If my tympanum was a gonopore I could fuck it”

Congrats to Tim, our winner of the Ribald Festivities! I owe you a beer :)

For those of you that don’t recognize the jargon, “aedeagus” is the fancy name for a bug penis, and “gonopore” is…well, a pore where your gonads go.  Loosely defined (very loosely!)


6 thoughts on “Winner–2011 Ribald Tales of Entomology

  1. Pretty rude, but more in line with the Limericks with which I am familiar than the ESA pablum.

    Speaking of which, thanks for the blue send-off to the Social Media symposium. Overall, I found it disappointing, but your talk was worth the wait.

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